Abysmal Ideas

Abysmal Ideas was created for Global Game Jam 2013.

It was created by 4 people:

Me  and Ricardas Dukauskas – Code

Jonathon Higgs and Ben Hook – Graphics

The theme for Global Game Jam 2013 was Heart

In designing this game, we didn’t take the theme completely literally, instead using it as a gameplay element.

Rodney is the main character in the game. Rodney is a very picky person and only likes specific things.

He’s fishing to find things that he likes from a giant pond, every time he catches something he shows how much he likes it.

If Rodney likes the item, his heart rate will go up showing his satisfaction.

If he doesn’t like the item, his heart rate will go down – it’s dropping continuously anyway!

Once Rodney’s heart rate has gone down to zero, the game is over.

Click Here To Play