The 5 Rings of Leela (GameMaker)

The 5 Rings of Leela is an action/adventure game made using Gamemaker and it’s scripting language – GML

This game follows the Hero of Leela trying to save his hometown from destruction by the evil Argorath by collecting 5 Rings.

The hero ventures through mountains and a cave to finally defeat Argorath and return the rings to Leela.

I used Gamemaker to create this game, however I didn’t use any of it’s drag and drop interface, instead using entirely GML script.

As this exposed the core of the Gamemaker engine, I was able to do a lot of cool stuff with the engine.

The game includes basic sword based combat, enemy projectiles and enemy AI using state machines.

I was especially pleased with the text box engine that is responsible for all of the dialog boxes in the game.

It is very flexible and has many features, including:

  • Final Fantasy style letter by letter text display
  • Speeding up of text display
  • Choices in the text
  • Text wrapping
  • Name display of who you are talking to

All assets were also created by me, and the game has a full soundtrack that can be found here:

(The graphics aren’t the best, but I’m not an artist :P)