Fable Legends/Fable Anniversary


At Microsoft I worked as an Software Development Engineer in Test with the Games Testing Organization Europe
During this time I was embedded at Lionhead working on Fable.
I was responsible for developing tools, setting up and maintaining testing infrastructure and working with game teams.

Fable Legends

  • Wrote functionality and tests for a C# test framework that ran tests on the game on Xbox One which included using the Xbox One API and toolset.
  • Designed and implemented a SQL-Server based test logging system which recorded test results and information from the test framework or the running game.
  • Implemented UE4 nodes using C++ to enable communication with the test framework and results logging from test levels.
  • Wrote C++ code in the game to support the testing infrastructure and added telemetry and hook code where it was needed.
  • Implemented database stored procedures and WCF service code for a telemetry system, and implemented a way to enable per-test reporting.
  • Worked with Pulse and Team City build systems to enable an overnight build to automatically deploy the game to a bank of Xbox Ones, run tests on it and report results.
  • Made other tools such as a database-driven Xbox bank management tool and a tool to report on manual testing.
  • Maintained testing infrastructure such as servers, Xbox Ones and virtual machines.
  • Wrote SQL scripts to report on game telemetry and test results.
  • Worked using Agile and Scrum with the game teams to determine what needed testing for each sprint.

Lionhead.com Forum

  • Visual studio unit tests were used with Selenium coded UI tests in C# to test the forum.
  • Testing ranged from testing a user could post, to administration and security features.

Fable Anniversary

  • Manually tested the game and logged any bugs using Mantis bug tracker.
  • Wrote a tool that downloaded the Mantis statistics and displayed them in a graphical format using WPF.
  • Embedded code inside an excel spreadsheet using VBA to download the bug statistics automatically.