Microsoft Trax


As an extra to my work as an SDET, I took on the role of developing a Windows 8.1 app using C# and XAML in my spare time.

The app was designed to help interns easily track their performance and progress over their year at Microsoft.

I was mainly responsible for implementing the online service side of the app, although I also helped out with the UI.


  • Worked with the Trax team to design the app.
  • Prototyped a Sharepoint connected version of the app which uploaded and downloaded data from a Sharepoint site.
  • Made some sections of the app using XAML and C#.
  • Designed and implemented the SQL Azure database to store data.
  • Designed an independent framework using a series of interfaces and objects that enabled Mobile Services to communicate with the MVVM model that was already present and upload and download user data.
  • Designed the security system behind the app which involved using Active directory authentication using an service and OAuth2 token generation for authentication with Mobile Services.
  • Designed a WPF administration tool for HR use to enable adding and removing of users.
  • Managed the Azure subscription that the app uses including deployment of services and websites.
  • App submission and certification management.

The app successfully passed internal app-store certification and is available to download on the Microsoft company app-store.

The app has been released to the 2014 intake of interns in the UK, with talks to release it around the world such as Africa and Latin America.

Microsoft have since released an article on the continued development of trax: